Response Headers

This page will help you make sense and use of the response headers attached by Mocklets platform.

When an API request is sent to the Mocklets server, it responds with the data set by the user for that API. But apart from the user data, Mocklets also returns other configuration data as response headers which help in debugging the request. Here are the headers which Mocklets returns.


This header lets what is the source of the response data. It can have 2 values mock or proxy. If the value is mock it means the data is fetched from the mock response provided the user, and if the value is proxy, it signifies that the response served to the user is from proxy server.


This header is returned when the api request has been forwarded to a proxy server. It contains the url of the proxy server to which the request has been forwarded to.


This header signifies the delay added to the api request (in seconds).

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